Strong, Healthy And Profitable Brand

Martin Paleček   

He has over 20 years in marketing and advertising. Excelent marketing experiences acquired primarily in agencies Saatchi and Saatchi, Max / TBWA and Wiken Int. His wide scope and view led him to work for Dentsu Mandate in Singapore in 90´. The last three years were spent in the position of a marketing director for Europe and formed marketing strategy for Chinese giant Changhong. Since 2013, he became a consultant of creative campaigns.

"Building brands and marketing are the very essence of my professional life. I was lucky that I experienced this field in "golden 90´", when brands began to enter the market, even the most famous global ones."

"The market and the relationship to brands I perceived from the eye of evolution. Nothing ever stops. It is inspiring environment that favors the prepared. I love the constant birth and progress, that life brings.“

Why working with Victor:

„I know personally and as a communication expert for many years. Above all I appreciate his sence of insight, understanding of target audiences and his intensity to deliver truly effective solution. His strategy changes consumers to brand lovers anf brings nightmares to competition.“

Viktor Lelek   

He has more than 20 years of sales, marketing and advertising experiences. He held the position of Commercial Director, strategic planners, agency director, creative director, marketing director. The last seven years works as a management and brand building consultant, dealing with potential consolidations of companies, brands and their communications.

"We focus on people and their tasks than just the mere realization of the actual contract. Delivery of solution without a participation of the shareholders of the project itself and the brand, means to have no solution delivery, only short-term event with no certainty of success and of course investment into team and budget."

"My goal is always to create a common goal and in addition to the work done under a contract, to leave a trail and know how useful for the company and its employees."

Why working with Martin:

"Martin is a magician with unusual emotions and thoughts that always surprise you. For long years I have worked with him, his empathetic insight into the soul of the brand or the customer is always fresh and crucial. "